My Favorites Are Important

I always seem to go through waves of things I’m obsessed with.  I literally devour things for a period of time and then I don’t care and move onto the next thing.  But because I want to influence the world’s hot or not lists, I want to share my current obsessions.


I don’t have a television, therefore when I geek out on current TV programs, it’s all done via streaming Googled links.



Ads for this new HBO show are all over San Francisco, especially giant posters right off the Castro MUNI station (well done marketing folks), therefore I was curious.  It’s about a group of friends living in San Francisco.  The entire first episode is on YouTube (HERE if you care to watch). This show has been described as a show about “gay guys living in San Francisco,” but it’s so much more than that.  I feel it has such a realistic approach of life and dialogue that is universal to all types of folks.  Also, they film this show in San Francisco, and it carries such a great backdrop. And the music! I love!


“Morgan Murphy: Irish Goodbye”


This stand-up special by Morgan Murphy is quite funny for those who enjoy such dry sense of humor, which is basically my way of life.  She has a great bit where she talks about music festivals, I feel that same way…

She’s from Oregon, so that’s cool.


White girl stuff


As of late I think I’ve jumped on some weird moody white girl kick, and I’m ok with that. When I say this, I mean I’ve been listening to a cocktail of Lana Del Rey and Lorde.  Their music sounds so cinematic, like it needs to be the background to epic movie montages. I was embarrassed to like Lorde because she’s legally still a child I think.  But Pandora kept shoving her in my stations, so I caved.  I enjoy it…

I had a pretty epic “self” moment where Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful” brought me to tears.  Talk about being an unstable bitch.  I had those kind of weird tears that fall into your ears because I was in my bed being so emo.  I never really listened to her music, and just judged her of course for being some rich white girl.  But that song alone sold me.  Whatever.

Cry with me…




I subscribe to a bunch of channels, but recently discovered the best duo in YouTube history. I love me some bestie love and comedy, and Superfruit has so much of that going on.  Scott and Mitch are part of an a cappella group called  Pentatonix, which won a show and all that stuff.  But this YouTube channel is dedicated to whatever topics they want, which always includes their weekly obsessions…which basically inspired this post.  Watch them!


So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream

(tons of flavors…I likes to fuck with German Chocolate or Chocolate Peanut Butter)


I go through waves of ice cream cravings.  And since society tells women to feel bad about eating, I thought heyyy I’ll try this kind of hippy ice cream I found at Whole Foods.  (Disclaimer: I only go to Whole Foods because I’m lazy and it’s up the street from whereI live). But shut the fuck up, this is the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Sorry DQ soft serve, you’re dumped for this. Because it has things on it like “gluten free” and “dairy free” therefore my mind thinks that I’m basically taking vitamins and can eat an entire pint in one sitting while watching Couples Therapy (this happened last night).

Diet Coke


I have no idea why I like Diet Coke.  I understand there are no calories, but super science chemicals that I take in will kill me.  I have never liked Diet Coke, but when I moved to SF I started drinking it out of nowhere. There is something about drinking a cold diet coke that just satisfies my life at the moment.  True story: I drank a can of diet coke hungover in the shower like a trashy bitch.

Mrs. Renfro’s Jalapeño Green Salsa


Have you ever wanted to taste fire?  This is second best.  This salsa had me by my phantom balls.  But so delicious! I add a little to spruce up my homemade nachos (just melted cheese on chips), bomb!  Hot as fuck, but I approve.  All meals should end in tears anyway.


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