Music is all that fits me right now

As I’m in this transition mode in life, music has been my escape (or xscape, however you like to pronounce).  Because I’m so into sharing, I shall give you my top 5 songs of the moment.

“Will Do”-TV On the Radio

The most epic tragic song.  We all I know I love some sort of tragedy.  The lyrics and music go deliciously together.

“3 Minutes of Watts”-Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay Rock

Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, what can I say.  I’m a fan girl.

“Mine for Life”-The Sounds

I saw this band when I was 16 and it was epic.  Swedish band with synth noises, my teenage shit.  I revisited this album as I was moving.  Still sing it like a true champ like I’m wearing my chucks all over again.

“Up in it”-Wiz Khalifa

This is Wiz Khalifa and I should be embarrassed, but I’m out and proud with this song.  It has an old “slow jams” vibe about it, therefore it’s a TREAT.  My default favorite music genre is anything and everything slow jam-ee.

“Paint”s Peeling”-Rilo Kiley

Another CD I revisited in the move.  For a whole term of college, I took only women studies courses and volunteered in the Women’s Resource Center.  In my time there, I would listen to this album every morning with my coffee.  I just felt so COLLEGE.


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