Bye Portland, I’ll miss you…

Portland OR and I broke up.  After 9 years together we just didn’t “feel” each other anymore.  Coming from a small town to Portland when I was 18 was the one of the best decisions I ever made.  I found myself as a young adult and really learned life on my own.  After so much time though, I felt as though I got all I could out of the place.


The next adventure in life has always been grad school, so since I am not getting any YOUNGER, I knew time was ticking.  I still have no ties to hold me down, I still have the opportunity in life to pick up and bounce, to figure out  this new phase of life.  So where am I going?!?!!?

San Francisco…you win.


I’m going into grad school in SF and couldn’t be more excited but nervous as hell.  I don’t really know many down there, so I’m really going step out of my comfort zone and go all in.

Living in Portland I had my share of  “hates” but as I make this transition , I shall share little bits of my life in Portland I’ll miss…


I feel the most at peace when driving around.  Not only do I have full control (of the car that is), but I have an opportunity to listen to my music at an obnoxious volume and cut people off to feel good about myself.  Plus, I knew ALL the routes and parking  situations in most areas like a boss.  My parallel parking skills were off da hook.  INSERT ALL THE BRAGS HERE

My “home”

This particular “crib” was my first post-college, single lady pad.  It was unique and carried a lot of memories.  That place saw a lot…positive, negative, regrets, celebrations, barf, etc.  Just the neighborhood, it had character.  Front stoop sitting and drinking…the best.  Packing that bitch up was a truly emotional and sad experience.

Holiday time

Portland is beautiful, peaceful and lit up with lights left and right during the holiday months.  The days/nights that it doesn’t rain, the coldness mixed with a hot drink (hot chocolate or hot toddy, your choice) just feels perfect and picturesque.

The regular drinking spots and getting beyond schwilly

These evolved over the years, but a staple here and there that stayed true.  It’s nice having a regular joint, you know what you’re getting into and you know what you’re drinking and who might be there.  This can also serve as all negatives too, but now that I think about it…having comfort like that is nice.  By the end of my days in Portland, I just watched people like a hawk in the corner with all the judgements but got hella twisted.  My ride or die homies right there to save my life.  Building up friendships like that are tough…

Portland Summer Nights

Some of the most beautiful times have been had on Portland summer nights.  There is something in the air when the night time feels warm that makes Portlanders just go crazy.  I appreciate that.  Shenanigans ensue!

That’s all I can really think about right now.  I think more time away I shall revisit this post and will have much more to add.  Or I can make a new post that is more like “Portland sucks and I will never want her again, SF is the baddest bitch and I mean baddest as in she’s better.”

To my family and friends in my Oregon home…Imma miss you so much!!!!



2 thoughts on “Bye Portland, I’ll miss you…

  1. I love the term ‘springboard city’ for Portland. It’s a great place to spend your twenties.

    I left Portland three times, and every time, it has pulled me back. Don’t be surprised if you go back for PDX 2.0….

  2. RIP Jarrett Street Mansion. Au revoir Buckingham palace. I do miss wine, Jack’s Chicken, and MTV Jam nights.

    Hope all is well in SF!

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