Back To School for Marbles

My first day of summer classes creeped up on me, and I couldn’t have been more nervous. I felt like I was five years old again, but without my kitten sweatshirt and fresh box of crayons. I was so nervous, I had to call both of my parents. It was my way of breathing into a paper bag.

I didn’t realize how physically being back on campus would affect me; these memories I had, good and bad, flooded into my brain. In typical Maribel fashion, I started to freak myself out. I felt old. I felt like I should have one of those backpacks with the wheels on it. In a flash, my knowledge of computers was gone. What’s e-mail? What’s Facebook? My legs went numb and I needed my Pops to tell me, “Good luck, Mija, tu eres esmar (smart)”

Me during a lecture in class. #selfie

If there is one thing I live for (aside from gay approval), its the approval of my professors. When someone tells me I am right, or they don’t like to argue with me in class because I know my shit, I get drunk with power.  I was nervous that I would miss some minor detail and somehow fail in my class, and in life. I am dramatic, I know this. However, I am learning a new subject I never studied in my undergrad, so of course I was scared.

Even though I felt old initially, my past work and life experience ended up being useful. Although I may have looked like Dora the Explorer with a backpack on (Mora the Explorer in this case), I was a grown up. There was an instance in class where everyone surrounded me to ask me questions about the real world. “Is it really that hard to find a job? Did you end up working in the field you studied?  Yes, it really is hard out there for a pimp, and no I didn’t work in the field I studied. I worked in a profession that sparked my interest in urban planning, I’m not out doing anything media or communication studies related. However, both disciplines are very useful and intersect sometimes in my world.

Some things to note if you decide to go back to school past the age of 25: 

  •  Wearing a backpack regresses your age by five years.
  •  …or wearing a backpack can make you look like a loser that lives in their mom’s basement
  • Keep your mouth shut unless you are sure of what you are about to say or ask. If you start talking about something unrelated to the lecture, you’ll sound like you’re exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Most of the good looking guys in your class were probably born between 1990-1994, or whatever year the Lion King came out.
  • People still get married between the ages of 19-23. They have a maturity I can’t comprehend, but my Friday and Saturday nights are way cooler.

Overall, my experience was a good one. Homework still sucks, but I do enjoy the subject matter. I recently finished my first summer term class, and in case you are wondering, I received an “A” because that’s what boss bitches do.


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