Wanna get a drink?

I think the best way to bond is through booze.  For anxious and semi-shy people like me, I think when you lose a bit of your inhibitions, you unlock the “real” you.  But this could be the alcoholic in me speaking.


With that said, I have a “wish list” of people I’d like to go drinking with.  Like they’d be a fun time.

1. Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper


The three of us would go out to a nice lounge/wine bar.  Like a members only place.  With all the city lights on some top floor place.  I’d be the ugliest and manliest of the three obviously.  I bow down to the power fierce gays.

2. Single Ronnie

Ronnie from Jersey Shore was only awesome during that Miami single phase.  Together we could dance battle and motorboat ANYONE.  We’d encourage the fist pump and throw obscene insults at Sammy.

3. E-40 & Too Short


I feel like we would drink a mix of spendy brown liquor but also some sort of home-brew alcohol that rivals prison hooch.  One drink and you’re HELLA done.  I know there would probably be a lot of groupies but I think that would be entertaining as I puff and pass my black and mild.

4. Scott Disick


He was the “why?!” for so long on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  But now he’s the only fun one.  He is the bitch of his baby mama, I think she has his balls in some sort of jar or container.  He’s a dad, a kind of husband, but when he goes to Vegas or Miami…he’s a hot mess.  I feel like we’d drink the most expensive white rich boy booze.  “Regal service only” rolling with this guy.

5. Rizzo from Grease

I realized I needed a female for this list.  I know Rizzo isn’t a real person, but she’s a drinking hero.  Rizzo is a no nonsense bitch and she makes men feel stupid.  All I want in life is to keep her energy alive.  I’m the one that picks on girls at sleepovers for being prudish.  Sawrry.


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