Tiger Beat has nothing on these crushes…

Back in my day, the crushes consisted of JTT, Devon Sawa, Andrew Keegan…the typical boy crushes.  It morphed into boy band mania, the BSBs and the Nsyncs.  I was guilty, I loved Justin Timberlake‘s Top Ramen hair.

As I’ve evolved into somewhat of a “unique” soul, my crushes as a 27 year old differ from the “typical” ones other folks my age might have.  Everyone is so down for the Ryan Goslings and the 2013 Justin Timerlake.  Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re great as well.  But they’re so typical. Everyone loves them.

So I share with you my unconventional crushes, ones that won’t make any “top” lists in People Magazine or anything of that variety.

1. Michael Dow


He is the charming therapist on VH1’s Couples Therapy.  First of all, I love the show.  And when I saw him on the show and heard his wise words, OMG I was like “Who are you?!?!”  He is an author, psychotherapist and addiction recovery expert.  Smart and charm!  Yes please.

2. Suge Knight


So let me explain.  I know he was like in prison forever and beat up a bunch of women, but he is the straight up beast to my beauty.  But I’m talking like 90’s Suge Knight.  Like when he rolled with Tupac and shit.  It’s just a weird demented part of my brain.  Safe Space.  He looks like a bear in a human costume.  Yes please.

3. Chris Laurita


From the Real Housewives of New Jersey, he is a husband on the show.  And he has that whole stoic man essence about him.  He may be blonde and blue eyed (not my thing), but his personality and manliness radiates through.  And he’s such a good dad!  Yes please.

4. Max from Catfish


I don’t even know his last name, he’s just Max.  He is the sidekick to Nev, a fellow investigator and kind of an asshole.  He always checks Nev whenever he goes into  lala land.  He has a head full of silver hair, but that’s ok.  At least he’s not Taylor Hicks.  Yes please.

As you can see, I’m all over the place.  If you have a charming aura, I think I’m in love.  I shall redecorate my room to include posters of these guys.  Any guests will know exactly where my “crushing” standards are.


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