Summer Essentials and How-To-Guide

Stefanie had previously posted her goals and plans for this summer. There will be a lot of shenanigans, adventures, and drinking. As a self-identified Northwest gal, I go NUTS when the sun goes out. I get drunk with happiness and say “yes” to life. If I could kiss a Portland summer on the mouth, I would. Because of Summer, I understand Taylor Swift songs. How I feel about summer, because summer can get it:

Below is a list of self-care and summer must-have things I will need. All I know is Northwest life, we don’t see the sun here. If I get too over-heated, I might melt like the witch in The Wizard of Oz. It is important I stay on my game with these life choices:

  • Stay hydrated like a boss. Drink water with lemon, mint, and cucumber. This is a nice detox remedy and it tastes fabulous. Regal people drink water like this, and so should you.
  • Sunglasses. I have an array of sunglasses, but I always get ones that compliment my face shape. I have a round face so I stay the hell away from round frames. I get angular ones that make my face look less like the moon. Always stick with brown or black. They go with erry’thang.
  • Vitamin D- As I had mentioned before, I take lots of Vitamin D. One of the wonderful side effects of taking vitamin D includes being darker. That’s right. I’m a shade or two darker. Vitamin D makes your skin absorb sunlight. Take advantage of the sun being out and proud!
  • Vitamin B12– I’ve heard there is evidence this helps with hangovers. Let’s keep it real, I will be engaging in day-drinking. We have a Vegas trip planed, and best believe I will have dranks, on dranks, on dranks. Get the chewable kind so it is absorbed better by your body.
  • Go-to colors I’m feeling for summer: Sky blue, lavender, black, yellow. I don’t know why. I’m just feeling it, and they look dope against tan skin.
  • A legit playlist for cruising with your friends. 
  • Nacho supplies. All of my lady friends eat like hungry, hungry, hippos. I love them, but it’s true. I include myself in this as well. Being hungry makes people grumpy, and I don’t want any fiesta-ruiners.
  • BB cream– Evens skin-tone WHILE blocking the sun for you! A+! Lobster skin isn’t attractive!
  • Denim Jackets– For the occasional breezy night.
  • A group of gal-pals you trust. They will be honest with you (“no girl, he’s ugly”), or hold your hand if you get too drunk and decide you can’t walk to the car in your heels.

  • Summer dresses, by far the most liberating pieces of clothing I own. A dress, undergarments, some cute chanclas, y vamonos! You’re good to go! Fabulous and effortless all at once!

  • Large quantities of alcohol. Costco sizes are preferable. If you know you’re going to drink, might as well be fiscally responsible. Oh yeah, and responsible. Period.
  • Portable alcohol– Get the water bottles ready!
  • Delete your ex-boyfriend or ex-romantic situation. There is an air of romance to summer. You’re carefree without a jacket, booze is flowing, you’ll be feeling good. Then drunk you will think, “it would be great to enjoy this with a significant other. I wonder what (*insert pendejo’s name here*) is up to.” Dial responsibly ,girl. Don’t make your friends deal with your drunk and crying ass. That beautiful summer night will turn into dark winter rain.

I hope all of you find my suggestions helpful. These are my summer rules for myself.  I’m sharing them with you all because I care about you, kid. Now be safe and have tons of fun! WOOOOO!


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