I feel as though, as a young buck you dabble in things here and there, testing the waters of what really suits you.  I feel as you grow to be old and lovely and understand yourself better, you have a better grasp on what make you “you.”  I am a fixed person, so when I like something…I like it and it’s hard for me to go beyond that.  I think every lady should have  “signatures”, i.e. signature drink, signature scent, etc.  See my list below…what’s yours?


Signature Scent: Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche (aka the green one!)

I believe that you should have the same signature scent forever, once you’ve found it keep it! The sense of smell is so tied to memory, I want people (maybe guys) to have a moment and smell that perfume and be like STEFANIE?!  I want to ruin your life forever.

Signature Drank (booze): I have two–vodka tonic or whiskey soda

It’s all about having a go to drink once you arrive at an establishment.  “I don’t need the cocktail menu, I won’t be drinking a tropical splish splash tonight thanks.”

Go to makeup items (up to 3): Tinted moisturizer, mascara, liquid eyeliner

I realized I have to at least do up my eyes, if not my crazy right lazy eye will go down for the cold.  It hibernates and makes me look extra sexy.

Signature shoe: flats

I’m lazy and a beast and flats are easy to put on.  They’re scattered all over my house, so whatever is closer to the door…you win.

Go to earrings: Gold hoops

I wear these to work or out and about.  They go with everything and they can be dressed up or down.  Of course I do not own a pair of real gold hoops, but if you’d like to change that, we can organize something.

Go to item of clothing: dresses

I love dresses.  They’re easy to put on and take off.  That sounds slutty, but you get the idea.  You can wear them in the summer to keep cool, or throw on some tights and a jacket and it’s winter wear.  Multi-weather fashion, I’m about that life.

Signature coffee order: Iced vanilla latte

I’m ALWAYS about iced coffee.  I don’t care what the weather is.  If I get this drink order HOT, I will be heated and my entire day will be ruined.  Am I dramatic?  Probably.


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