Jams of the Moment

I shall give you a peek inside my iPhone to see what I’m listening to as of late.  

1. “Tunnel Vision”–Justin Timberlake

Can we talk about how amazing this entire album is?!?  If you aren’t on the JT wagon, you’re jealous of his charisma and talent.  Get outta here!  Also, I dedicate this song to nachos.

2. “Trying To Be Cool”-Phoenix

Catchy song for spring time.  I have this song on repeat most car rides.  We’ve all tried to be cool for someone at some point, unless you were born with crazy amounts of cool like me.  Being born with “cool” just may be jaundice, because I was born with that.

3. “Alone Together”-Daley

I’m obsessed with singing this song, it’s beautiful!  I feel like a wedding singer every time I belt this one out.  Also, this is as romantic as I can get…the word “alone” is in it…sounds about right.

4. “2 Raw”-Schoolboy Q ft. Jay Rock

Explicit lyrics=great time.  I’ve been on a major Schoolboy Q kick, and this song is on every playlist I make.

5. “Loft Music”-The Weeknd

The Weeknd may have a case of the uglies, but his voice is beyond beautiful.  He’s demented and gross, and I love every minute of it.  This song has found it’s way back on my latest playlist.



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