Summer: Bucket List

Me thinking of summer…

Now that it’s pre-funk summer aka spring, I feel summer is brewing.  There is still loads of rain ruining my life, but we’ve been getting windows of sun here and there.  This suggests that summer is right around the corner.  My life is a bit in limbo right now, I’m not totally sure where my life will be next summer, so I feel as though I really need to live this summer up.  I still have no husband, nor puppies, nor any other thing to answer to.  If I go to work on time…that’s all that matters.

Because my memory is HORRIBLE, I feel as though this is a great space for me to list out what I hope to accomplish this summer in Portland:

  • Day drinking and wandering.  These are greatly achieved at “The Do-Over,” an all day Sunday  drink fest.  Last year I was kicked out twice, I need a redo…Also, day drinking may include a nice Saturday catching drinks from place to place and even making liquor store stops as the wandering continues.  Maribel and I have dubbed these days as “Thug Passion Iced Tea” days.  This comes from our love of Tupac and the day we started drinking at 1pm and poured vodka into our Passion Iced Teas from Starbucks.  We drank for 13 hours.  (disclaimer: we deviate from the original recipe)


  • Night drinking and wandering.  Nights with no jackets?!?!  No rain?!?!  That is the best!  You can just leave the house with one layer of clothing and not die in the cold.  My friends and I like to take mobile drinks, go downtown, wander the streets, and see how much we can entertain ourselves.  We usually lie about our identities and hit up a food cart.
  • BBQs.  I will crash family reunions, baby showers, birthdays.  I will bring chips and alcohol because I’m not that skilled on the grill.  I will eat until I nap at your house.
  • Nighttime cruising with the windows down.  All while singing Mariah and Whitney, but when the vocal cords give out…we shift to that 90s R&B station.  We don’t have palm trees…but a gal can wish.
  • Super tans.  We have a June Vegas trip planned, start our tan base.  But to upkeep, we shall go on Kah-Nee-Ta trips!  This resort in Warm Springs, OR will get your skin crispy like bacon.  You pay $10 to burn your face off.  Worth it!
  • Quick trips to 7-11 to get slurpees.  Now the Jarrett Mansion (our house) has a 7-11 right up the street.  I want to take a stroll, grab a slurpee, come home, put booze in it, and sit on the front porch as music plays in the casa.  Nice time for friendly chats.
  • Playing at the park like I’m 8 years old.  We have a park right near our place.  Equipped with swings, slides, &  great grassy areas.  Also, a great place to host a water gun fight.
  • Outdoor seating.  We all know I love me some happy hour.  But I enjoy happy hour harder, when I can sit outside and stare at people.
  • Fast & Furious 6.  Oh that’s right, I’ve been on that journey since the first one.  It’s like cinematic junk food, oh I’m there.

As you can see, my list is not fancy nor crazy in achievement.  But it’s the little things that  just make me happy.  Also, a lot of this includes booze.  I am who I am.



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