25 Things

This article over at xoJane inspired me to look deep within myself and list 25 things that just make me super happy.  It’s the little things that give my life a mini boost.

1. Free drinks
2. Summer dresses
3. My sister’s grilled cheese sandwiches
4. New makeup
5. Miniature versions of anything
6. Bob from “La Bamba

7. Puns
8. Happy Hour
9. Freshly washed sheets
10. Guys with beards
11. Children dressed like grown ups

12. E-40’s Music
13. Waking up in the middle of the night thinking it’s time to wake up, but I have hours left before my alarm
14. Day drinking
15. No work Mondays
16. Summer night strolls
17. Nachos
18. Balconies and the views from them
19. Speaking in movie quotes
20. Gifs

21. City lights
22. Opening a new body butter from the Body Shop
23. Surprise text messages
24. Finding cash in a random purse or jacket
25. Netflix: Watch Instantly



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