Lazy Girl Remedies


I can say I’m a busy lady, a career driven woman, a young 20-something living in the city.  But in reality, I work for a giant amount of hours per week, so my lazy girl-ness is kicked into high gear once I get home.  It would be ideal to come home after 8 hours of working each day to: clean my room, do laundry, make a delicious/healthy meal, give myself a great manicure, clean, etc.  But in reality, if I get even one of those things accomplished in a single week, I’d call that winning.

It’s been tough to find that balance of work and self-care.  It’s a giant necessity, but it’s so much easier to bust open a bag of pretzels (call that dinner) and watch all the gems on the DVR.

I realized that I gravitate toward things that are just easy and no nonsense when it comes to beauty “go to” products.  If I’m going out on the weekend, of course I put a bit more effort into my overall look, like I shave my entire legs and bust out an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette.  But in my day to day, I take like 20 minutes to get ready…and 10 minutes is trying to get rid of that weird crease that has settled on the side of my face.

These items below can help you quickly infuse some “effort” into your lazy girl ways:


1. Insta-Dry Nail Polish–If you’re like me, you paint your nails and think they’re dry and then you reach in to grab a chip and 2 out of your 5 fingers come back up from the chip bag completely destroyed.  Uggggh, redo?!?!  Or try and save?  Eff it, they’re staying like that.  Thankfully THO…there is insta-dry nail polish.  This stuff actually goes on super smoothly and very opaque.  Dries up quick!  You now have no excuse to have poverty hands.  Anything with the word “insta” is going to sit very well with me.  I’m beyond impatient.

2. Vaseline Spary & Go–I love Vaseline’s coco butter products.  They have a great oil that’s great to use during the summer time.  But I recently discovered they now have a “spray and go” lotion.  This is epic post-shower and crazy fast to use.  Keeps my skin soft and not smell like garbage.  So win win.  You know, “spray and go” because I have so many places to go…like happy hour.

3. Milani’s Brow Fix Brow Kit–This little kit helps make my eyebrows look great but I also use this as my daily eyeshadow, if I even wear eyeshadow.  I usually do the double use if I have a meeting or if I have to interact with fancy people.  I want my eyes to look non-dead.  I use the “highlight” piece on my lid and then the “brow” color as my crease color.  Quick natural look, I’m ready.

4. Garnier Fructis: Triple Nutrition–The keyword here is triple.  It’s the only type of “triple action” I’m into.  This is an oil spray that you can use for your hair, body, and face!  Say what?!?  When I wash my hair, I spray a little of this and blow-dry.  My hair is manageable, soft and smells like heaven!  And if I actually do not wear tights, I’ll spray a bit of the oil on my legs.  Instant shine!  Where are your legs from?!?  Miami?!?  Nope because they’re full of drunken scars and bruises and I’m from Oregon so this shade of pale brown is not natural.

I’m always on the lazy girl remedy “watch.”  Anything in life to cut corners, I’m about it.  Let’s nap rather than waiting for our nails to dry.



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