Beards & Tattoos

SNAPBACKS BEARDS & TATTOOS are somewhat kryptonite for this gal.  I think dudes are instantly attractive when possessing both these things.  If one were to look at my track record (which you never will because all of that is in a deep deep dungeon), I don’t really have a “type.”  Obviously I’m an equal opportunist for the most part, but I do have some NO’s.  But when it comes to the instant ‘oh that guy looks cool,’ it’s usually the tattoos and beards combo.


Now when I say tattoos, I’m not talking about fire flames on a man’s neck, nor am I talking about Gucci Mane‘s ice cream tattoo on the face.  I’m talking more well done sleeve type tattoos, forearm tattoos, cool chest tattoos, and not ones full of color either.  Simple stuff.  And if a guy has a tattoo of like his mom or grandma’s NAME or something…Oh Gawd, he’s sensitive too!  My mom is super anti-tattoos, she thinks they look “low life” and that you probably have hepatitis.  So, if I do find me a tattooed person for forever time, they’ll have to be extra sweet and provide lab test results.


Matt Kemp from the Dodgers is the ultimate example of my “love of this look.”  He’s like my ultimate man candy crush.  I thought, heeeeeey this guy is ALL THAT.  Who cares if he onced boned bad gal RI RI, who cares if I hate baseball…Let’s just take this in…


You beautiful, beautiful man.  Super sweet beard, super sweet tattoos.  And he wears Salvi blue most of the time, so another plus.  But he did something to really ruin it for us.  So yes, it’s nice when a guy has great pride to tattoo a name or meaning of a loved one.  But that’s as far as it should go.  PORTRAITS are a whole different story.  That’s like someone else looking at you…Please use caution at the following photo, it’s basically NSFW for me.

tumblr_mjzsgtwyhd1s6njvpo1_500Your grandparents on your chest?!?!  GAZING DEEP into anyone’s soul that looks at your bod.  Why Matt?!  Why?!  I think we can move forward, but it just upsets me a great deal knowing that you need to keep your shirt on for the duration of our relationship…



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