How RuPaul Became My Religion

Guuuurrrrrl, let me tell you about Ru Paul’s Drag Race and how it became a way of life! This show came at a time when I was feeling uninspired in all areas. I had always kept it in my Netflix que, but one day I sat and killed half a season. It blew me away for multiple reasons. Take some notes:
  • It inspired me to experiment with makeup and my outfits. Yes, I dress pretty outlandish sometimes, but this made me want to step outside of the box even more. 
Queen R
…and sometimes, you look so fierce in your makeup and outfit, you have to take on a new name and personality. I haven’t figured out mine yet, but I’d like to make up a drag name soon. However, I do have a drinking alter-ego, but she’s a hot mess. Don’t even get me started.

  • Drag queens have sassy attitudes for a reason: they are men that choose to be feminine sometimes. Being gay is still a stigma, but dressing up as a woman just adds a layer to the unconventional cake. You have to be a tough cookie to put yourself out there. This has inspired me to NOT be such a doormat. I need to learn how to stand up for myself! Be true to yourself, and you will be less likely to take anybody’s shit. 

  • Look  your best. No ifs, ands, or buts. Always look your best. It has nothing to do with labels or expensive items; It has everything to do with OWNING the whole package. This includes the attitude! You need to look in the mirror and say: “Bitch, you better werk!”  Make a sack meant for potatoes WERK. Those dollar tree accessories? Fierce!  It’s all about how you see yourself and how much you feel you are worth. 

  • And always call it how it is. If you need to read somebody up and down and explain their flaws, then so be it: 
  • And as Ru Paul says in each episode:
Let’s take a moment and really appreciate Ru Paul in all her greatness. From her look, her attitude, and everything else! Ru Paul, I will say, is a total Scorpio. After living with one for over three years, I can tell you that girlfriend is the queen of throwing shade and relishes in being the queen. Go on Ru, go on with your bad self. You decide, who stays, and who sashays away!

Look at all those peasants!

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